Vision Statement

A Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan for Burghfield – Our Vision

Burghfield Parish Council is currently producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) for the Parish.  This is a community document that will help shape the pattern of future development within the Parish.  Its starting point is our vision.

 In the future Burghfield will be a village with a diverse community who feel safe, happy and enjoy life in our rural neighbourhood.  People will have good homes, valued public services and an attractive environment in which to live, learn, play, grow and thrive.  Our houses will be our homes, our neighbours will be our friends and our healthy environment will enable us and our local wildlife to flourish.



Protect and preserve environmental assets within Burghfield

  • Retention of open space: minimise development on greenfield land within the Parish and avoid creeping urbanisation
  • Conservation of our heritage: preserve and protect sites of biodiversity or architectural value within Burghfield, including the extensive area of lakes and wetland habitats in the lower Kennet Valley
  • Flood mitigation: plan to minimise the risk of flooding and its impact on local properties.



Ensure Burghfield has a range of housing stock that meets all local needs and is designed and positioned to enhance the ‘village’ feel

  • Range of housing stock: provide homes suitable for people of differing incomes at various stages of their lives, including adequate provision of social and other forms of affordable housing
  • Location: locate new housing development at sites that will result in minimum intrusion into the green space around existing settlements
  • Visual intrusion: select sites for development that will cause minimal visual intrusion into our attractive countryside in cases where building on greenfield land cannot be avoided
  • Design: ensure high quality design, appropriate to its location, for all new builds


Highways and Transport

Maintain a highway network that is safe and meets the needs of all users

  • Freedom of access: ensure the highway network facilitates access to all parts of the community
  • Minimise the need for use of cars: extend the systems of footpaths and cycle ways


The Local Economy

Employment generation

  • Provide the facilities required by a thriving local economy without damaging the village feel


The Local Community

Facilitate a safe and socially inclusive local community

  • A vibrant and attractive village centre: support investment in local shops and the provision of meeting places for social contact, including the Parish Council’s proposed Community Hub as well as a public house in Burghfield Common.