Vision Statement

A Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan for Burghfield – Our Vision

The NDP aims to guide responsible development for the benefit of local residents while maintaining and enhancing a “village feel” in Burghfield


Environment: Protect and preserve environmental assets within Burghfield

Retention of open space: minimise development on greenfield land within the Parish and avoid creeping urbanisation

Conservation of our heritage: preserve and protect sites of biodiversity or architectural value within Burghfield, including the extensive area of lakes and wetland habitats in the lower Kennet Valley

Flood mitigation: plan to minimises the risk of flooding and its impact on local properties


Housing: Ensure that Burghfield has a range of housing stock that meets all local need and is designed and positioned to enhance the “village feel”

Range of housing stock: provide homes suitable for people of differing income levels at various stages of their lives, including adequate provision of social and other forms of affordable housing

Location: locate new housing development at sites which will result in minimum intrusion into the green space around existing settlements

Visual intrusion: select sites for development that will cause minimum visual intrusion into our attractive countryside in cases where building on greenfield land can not be avoided

Design: ensure high quality design, appropriate to its location, for all new build


Highways and Transport: Maintain a highway network that is safe and meets the needs of all users

Freedom of access: ensure that the highway network facilitates access to all parts of the community

Minimise the need for use of the car: extend the system of footpaths and cycle ways

Maximise highway safety: consider the desirability of measures such as reducing speed limits and increasing the provision of pedestrian crossings


The Local Economy: Employment generation

Provide the facilities required by a thriving local econom without damaging the “village feel”


The Local Community: Facilitate a safe, socially inclusive local community

A vibrant and attractive village centre: support investment in local shops and the provision meeting places for social contact, including a public house in Burghfield Common

Infrastructure: promote the infrastructure services required by a modern community, including adequate provision of education, health and welfare services

Social and Leisure Facilities: ensure the provision of accessible indoor and outdoor leisure facilities adequate for the needs of local residents