Vision Statement Questionnaire

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  1. Jeanette Davis says:

    Not sure if the vision statement fits with the recent discussion on the allotments. Possibly needs more emphasis on growth expectations so we retain village feel.

  2. Claire Tilson says:

    I think the Housing section should say “locate new housing development at sites which will result in minimum intrusion into the green space IN AND around existing settlements”. I hate the thought of new houses being built on our existing allotments … or parks, or playing fields or anything else the next Councillor or Developer sets their greedy eye on.

    It’s also very unnerving having to put my email address before this survey will accept my feedback. Who is now going to have access to my private data?

  3. Natalie Irons says:

    As far as I am aware no decisions or process has been started on the allotments so don’t believe people need to be worried about it. Also the general statement mentions conservation big green spaces and village feel and allotments would come under tgstbi should think. What is needed is for people to get involved more, read more, react more calmly, gossip less and become very active members of this village. And with that I should act on my own words.

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